Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wish List: Cat Toys

From the CAHS wish list: cat toys. Having read the blood-curdling article below, I can report that the best cat toys are furry -- cats are very tactile; they like to claw and beat the stuffing out of their playthings. Especially if the stuffing is catnip. If the toy whirs or zips along, save it for an office toy. Cats like to stalk. A furry toy occasionally tugged on a string is more their speed.

Also popular, according to sf/fantasy writer Cherie Priest, who often features her cat on her blog, are penlights. Not the pen itself, but the spot of light you move about on the wall or floor.
Today I had lunch with Psynde, who brought Spain the Cat a new toy: A laser pointer with rotating wheel of pictures. She can chase a butterfly, a star, a smiley face, or a mousie. At the moment, the butterfly is the big winner. I wore her out playing with this thing for over an hour; now she’s sacked out on top of her cat tree, snoring like a goose with a harmonica.

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