Saturday, February 14, 2009

Second Chances

I adopted my cat a few days before, or possibly after, Christmas. My memory isn't evergreen. Needles brown and fall off. But I do remember that snow was on the ground and the holiday was close at hand. I named her Belle, after Scrooge's erstwhile fiance. He comes to regret the loss, and yearns for a second chance. Like Scrooge, like most of us, I'm always looking for a second chance. So was Belle.*

Valentine's Day also brings second chances (Mary was mine), along with first loves. It's another good holiday-- before or after the day -- to welcome a rescued animal into your home. You might forget the date, but the greeting card-and-candy season is a permanent and pleasant association, a bit of gift wrapping for your heart. That's something you never forget.

*My first cat was named Chance. Depending on how you look at words, Belle was my second Chance.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Stephanie Piro

If you don't recognize NH cartoonist Stephanie Piro's name*, you probably recognize her work. She contributes the Saturday cartoon to the syndicated Six Chix feature. And if you visit her site -- a riot of color and personal fascinations -- you'll see that in another life, she was likely a factory during the Industrial Revolution. She's the incarnation of industrious. She has t-shirts, books, prints, strips, panels, and possibly a cotton gin.

She's also the epitome of an animal lover. They roam through her work, finding homes in eye-catching designs. The above t-shirt will be up for auction on March 16.

And like most humor, it's funny because it's true.

*Cartoonists are almost always unnoticed. Should one of us require Witness Protection, we could keep our identities.
I'm reading the CAHS Wish List this morning and I see that the Hills Science Diet Shelter Feeding Program is providing an endless buffet of cat and dog food. Excellent. But no matter the meal, there's always room for dessert and the occasional snack. CAHS still welcomes dog and cat treats. Speaking for myself, anything with peanut butter always hits the spot.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

How To Choose Your Cat

CAHS shelters a lot of animals. If you're looking to adopt a cat, how do you choose which one to take home?

JoAnn Fastoff explains how she chose her cat, "G."
"About five years ago, I accompanied a friend to the Animal Welfare League at 6224 S. Wabash Avenue because my friend was adamant about adopting a dog. Unfortunately, she ended up not finding one she liked.

I, on the other hand, had wandered through the cat section of the place when I was suddenly grabbed by the sleeve by a cat that called my name from his cage. I honestly tried to ignore him but he was insistent in getting my attention. He got it. For reasons I will never be able to explain this cat somehow ended up driving me home (that’s what I told my husband) and sharing my family’s living space for the next five years."
The next time you visit CAHS, wear baggy clothing. Let the cat choose you.