Friday, April 24, 2009

Because It's There

Pisa isn't the only new cat at CAHS. Soon to arrive, rested and strong from a stay with Lisa the Foster Mom, kittens full of vigor and the desire to climb mountains. The kitten in the photo is staring off into the distance, imagining distant peaks and scalable couches.

Determined to Stand

A new kitten arrived at CAHS this past week. Hungry and sore, he came in the company of other starved kittens. He was penalized even further by an injury that left his head at a tilt. He's doing better now -- feeding, up and about -- but CAHS Executive DirectorVirginia Moore suspects the damage will leave its mark. He'll move through the world at a perpetual slant, as if wary of what he'll find around the bend (a reasonable stance, considering his life so far.) Because of his lean, and a determination to remain standing, he's been named Pisa.