Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to Know if You're a Cat Lover

I need to add some dog posts for balance. I apologize to the dogs reading this blog. But I'm a cat lover first, and these things happen when I'm writing early in the morning and my brain is thinking on automatic.

I have a miniature poodle named Willy. I love Willy. But how do I know I'm a cat lover first and foremost? Because I can read the following excerpt and not cough up my breakfast in horror:
Cat play is not just for fun -- at least not in your furry friend's mind. "When cats play, they're practicing their prey behavior," says Marrow. And if you've ever watched a cat actually hunt a mouse, you know that it doesn't make a quick kill. "They torture the thing, toss it up in the air, force it to move -- they like that aspect." Cats do the same thing with their toys. That is why they can spend hours batting a ball of tinfoil, which they can essentially make behave like a rabbit."

Isn't that cute?

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