Thursday, April 9, 2009

Help a Subaru Impreza Find a Home

CAHS finds homes for cats and dogs, but this may surprise you. They also find homes for the occasional Impreza.

Cars make lively pets, especially when they're racing in the living room. (safety tip: crack a window.) Here's a chance to help with the care and feeding of a wayward Subaru -- gas, wax, the Hula dancer that shimmies on the dash -- while giving the car a forever home.

Added bonus: Dogs are poor drivers. They chase things. Like other cars. As you'll note in the picture, there are DOGS BEHIND THE WHEEL. An accident waiting to happen. The Impreza deserves a loving home, safe from the sort of dog that would bring a cat along for the ride. I'm guessing it's a hostage situation.

Here are the details.