Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kittens Need a Home

Under the care of foster mom, Lisa Webster, eight more cats come blind and mewling into the light. The kittens in this photo are only a few hours old, and their existence is more perilous than usual. Once their eyes are open, they'll discover that a mother cat is temporary shelter.

The kittens will soon be living at the CAHS shelter. They'll be fed, entertained, and celebrated online and in newspaper ads. Kittens Need A Home. And because adoption doesn't run on a schedule, the notices will soon read Cats Need A Home.

If you can give a brand-new, fresh-from-the-wrapper kitten a home -- please do. But if you can't, do what you can to fund CAHS, the enduring caretakers. And consider the wisdom of spaying if you share a home with a pet. Cancel its subscription to PARENT magazine. Don't put ideas in its head. Few dogs and cats are ready for the responsibility of finding homes for their offspring.*

*This isn't bad parenting. Human parents are disinclined to find homes for their kids. But unlike cats or dogs, most human kids can eventually pay rent.

Paddy O'Paws Auction

The Paddy O'Paws auction is nigh -- March 15* -- the wonderful confluence of food and bounty, where every indulgence is a gift to CAHS. The event is sold out, but you can still enjoy the golden glow that will undoubtably shine down from the hill, fueled by good spirits and deeds.**

*though I've been reporting it as March 16. My apologies, if you arranged to take the day off.

** Don't stare into the light for too long, especially if you're driving. Pull over, park a lawn chair, and put on your sun glasses. Give the drivers something else to look at.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I need to write
a little bit about fashion and the lure of good clothing. Since my knowledge of fashion would fit inside a Bazooka Joe comic, I'll pretend I'm writing about books.

I love books. I'll gladly travel any distance if I'm promised a book store at the far end. I especially love second-hand stores where each shelf is a cross-section of the history of reading. Each rack a potential treasure once lost and now found.

I know there are those who track clothing with the same passion. A sweater, a blouse, a purse, each as irresistible as a good novel, and just as comforting, exciting, or provocative. The right book or outfit is always a good fit.

Retails will be opening soon in Norcross Circle. You're invited to stop by Thursday night, March 19, for a kick-off party with light appetizers, desserts and wine. If you'd like to donate gently-used fashions, for both men and women, please do.

All proceeds benefit CAHS, and their continuing mission of giving shelter to nearly a thousand homeless animals every year.

If you've ever dressed your dog or cat in an outfit, it's only fair that you let them dress you, courtesy of Retails.