Friday, June 19, 2009

Lord Clifford

I don't know much about Clifford. Virginia tells me that Sandy is taking him home to bottle feed; perhaps tease him into feeding himself. Since his past is a mystery, I'll offer an educated guess.

Clifford is the lone surviving heir to the throne of a small country inhabited only by cats. He doesn't know this, in the way of all orphaned royalty. Only after growing into adulthood and having many adventures will he one day discover his heritage.

Of course, the revelation will be anticlimatic, and redundant, since cats consider themselves royalty to begin with.

Pisa Enters Witness Protection. Don't Tell Anyone

Every adopted animal enters a Witness Protection Program. They're given new homes, new identities -- the above is Liam, formerly Pisa -- and it's all very hush-hush, except for the photographs and emails and blog posts.

Here's a snippet from a letter sent by Pisa's -- I mean, Liam's -- new owner:
Hi Virginia!

Just wanted you to know that Liam (aka Billy, aka Pisa) is doing very well as he adjusts to his new home. Our two other cats (three years old each) in all their cat curiosity are wondering what this little cat is doing in their home. Seamus (orange male tabby) was caught licking his face yesterday and has in a few short days taken to running back and forth with his new brother with reckless abandon. Laci (female tortie) is slowly approaching while she gives out warning hisses for Liam to not get too close. He listens...sometimes.

Slow movement and hissing is nothing to be alarmed about. It's the usual reaction of any sister who has two brothers. Just ask Virginia.

And because every blog should offer the occasional beefcake: