Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Virginia Moore tells me:

"Foxy came to CAHS a couple of weeks ago after her human mom passed away. She is a 6-year old Pomeranian, and she was very frightened to be in the shelter environment. We took her into the admin office with us to help give her a quiet environment and she has settled in nicely. Her favorite perch is Kathy's desk by the window, so she can watch the world go by. Foxy is coming out of her shell a little every day, and she even wags her tail at us now."

I have to make due with my ragged and moth-eaten miniature poodle for photo shoots like this. Here's your chance to upgrade to something more stylish.

New Home, New Friends, New Outfit

"Brody is the best dog me and Paul have ever had; he bonded to us very deeply which made us love him all the more."