Monday, February 2, 2009

Cats Out of Dickens

I don't recall if cats featured in Dickens that often -- except for Tale of Two Kitties, of course -- but these four know a few things about perils and rescues. And like Oliver Twist, they would love a good home.

A woman found Ollie and several other kittens living in a Dumpter in Berlin, NH. After feeding them, she returned to find the food cans full of antifreeze. Ollie was alone and dying. She brought him to CAHS, we called Fryeburg Vet, and Ollie survived the night. He's now recovering at the shelter, perhaps pondering his large vet bill.

Solo got out of the cold by crawling into a car engine. When the car was started, his whiskers were burned off. He has the run of the shelter during the day, showing off his new set of whiskers while exercising.

Angus was left for dead in the cold. Despite being wrapped between two heating pads, he didn't register a temperature for over an hour. When his jaws were carefully pried open, we found a chunk of frozen steak, thus inspiring his name. He's skin and bones with matted fur. But he purrs like mad when we treat him, and he clearly has the spirit of his namesake.

Frosty was found in a snowbank in subzero temps with frostbitten ears. She's a very loving cat, and approves of our lack of snowbanks inside the shelter.

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  1. I saw this old post of "Frosty" and wanted to give an update: I adopted her a month after her arrival at CAHS, and a year and a half later she is thriving in my home with several feline siblings and a very large canine brother and three human children. She is sweet, playful, and loves all members of her adoptive family. She has gained several pounds since her snowbank to shelter days, and her ears no longer show signs of frostbite! She did decide to change her name though, since "Frosty" reminded her of some pretty tough times in her youth! She goes by the name of "Izzie" now, and loves to bask in the warmth of the sun...