Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kittens Need a Home

Under the care of foster mom, Lisa Webster, eight more cats come blind and mewling into the light. The kittens in this photo are only a few hours old, and their existence is more perilous than usual. Once their eyes are open, they'll discover that a mother cat is temporary shelter.

The kittens will soon be living at the CAHS shelter. They'll be fed, entertained, and celebrated online and in newspaper ads. Kittens Need A Home. And because adoption doesn't run on a schedule, the notices will soon read Cats Need A Home.

If you can give a brand-new, fresh-from-the-wrapper kitten a home -- please do. But if you can't, do what you can to fund CAHS, the enduring caretakers. And consider the wisdom of spaying if you share a home with a pet. Cancel its subscription to PARENT magazine. Don't put ideas in its head. Few dogs and cats are ready for the responsibility of finding homes for their offspring.*

*This isn't bad parenting. Human parents are disinclined to find homes for their kids. But unlike cats or dogs, most human kids can eventually pay rent.

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