Monday, March 9, 2009


I need to write
a little bit about fashion and the lure of good clothing. Since my knowledge of fashion would fit inside a Bazooka Joe comic, I'll pretend I'm writing about books.

I love books. I'll gladly travel any distance if I'm promised a book store at the far end. I especially love second-hand stores where each shelf is a cross-section of the history of reading. Each rack a potential treasure once lost and now found.

I know there are those who track clothing with the same passion. A sweater, a blouse, a purse, each as irresistible as a good novel, and just as comforting, exciting, or provocative. The right book or outfit is always a good fit.

Retails will be opening soon in Norcross Circle. You're invited to stop by Thursday night, March 19, for a kick-off party with light appetizers, desserts and wine. If you'd like to donate gently-used fashions, for both men and women, please do.

All proceeds benefit CAHS, and their continuing mission of giving shelter to nearly a thousand homeless animals every year.

If you've ever dressed your dog or cat in an outfit, it's only fair that you let them dress you, courtesy of Retails.

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