Saturday, February 14, 2009

Second Chances

I adopted my cat a few days before, or possibly after, Christmas. My memory isn't evergreen. Needles brown and fall off. But I do remember that snow was on the ground and the holiday was close at hand. I named her Belle, after Scrooge's erstwhile fiance. He comes to regret the loss, and yearns for a second chance. Like Scrooge, like most of us, I'm always looking for a second chance. So was Belle.*

Valentine's Day also brings second chances (Mary was mine), along with first loves. It's another good holiday-- before or after the day -- to welcome a rescued animal into your home. You might forget the date, but the greeting card-and-candy season is a permanent and pleasant association, a bit of gift wrapping for your heart. That's something you never forget.

*My first cat was named Chance. Depending on how you look at words, Belle was my second Chance.

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