Friday, June 19, 2009

Lord Clifford

I don't know much about Clifford. Virginia tells me that Sandy is taking him home to bottle feed; perhaps tease him into feeding himself. Since his past is a mystery, I'll offer an educated guess.

Clifford is the lone surviving heir to the throne of a small country inhabited only by cats. He doesn't know this, in the way of all orphaned royalty. Only after growing into adulthood and having many adventures will he one day discover his heritage.

Of course, the revelation will be anticlimatic, and redundant, since cats consider themselves royalty to begin with.


  1. I think the young Lord is perfectly aware of his heritage - his eyes express elite entitlement.

    Whicky Wuudler

  2. What a little cutie, and a big appetite too.

  3. Lord Clifford is a very handsome kitten.

  4. His Majesty is now about a year old and is certainly living up to his title. He has the appetite and bravery of a King, and he holds his own in playful battle with another CAHS alumnus, Sir Chester "the Molester".
    He has traveled his Northeast Kingdom and doesn't even get car sick.
    Best wishes to all in his realm this new year.
    Submitted by his humble servant,
    the Lady Smitten

  5. Lady Smitten, could you email a picture of His Majesty to me at I'd love to post it.