Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Piano Police

This isn't something I'd normally post. It's another tale of mental health come undone. A man is found with 21 cats in his motel room. But the online headline was printed sans serif: Plano Police Find 21 Cats in Man's Motel Room, as in Plano, AZ. My glance picked up PIANO POLICE. I imagined a man with a piano and 21 cats. Were the cats stuffed inside the piano? And who were the Piano Police?

This is why I did so well in school, and why I'm always getting lost when I read road signs.


  1. The Piano Police come to arrest you when you don't practice. Or when your large collection of cats keeps you from practicing.

  2. I kept thinking about that Muppet sketch, where a guy is hitting the heads of other Muppets lined up like a xylophone; no piano wires, just cats under the lid.